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Our purpose is to provide good nutrition, good health and happy times to you, our friends and customers, at our farm near Somerset West. Our farm is one of few in the country where you can buy and eat fresh organic produce that was harvested a few hours before. We believe that fresh organic fruits, vegetables and herbs provide many health and other benefits.

Firstly, we do not use any toxic agricultural chemicals, like pesticides, insecticides or herbicides on our farm and we do not use any artificial colours, flavours or preservatives in our kitchen; we therefore assure you that we will not add to the toxic contamination that many people suffer from the consumption of industrialized foods that contain many toxic substances.

Secondly, we enrich our soil with compost and other natural soil additives and we have developed a rich organic soil that contains billions of micro-organisms; this rich soil increases the quantity, the quality and the variety of nutrients in our produce and enables us to offer you food that is really nutritious.

Thirdly, our rich organic soil also enhances the taste and the flavours of our produce and enables us to give you a delightful culinary experience as well as good nutrition.